CrossFit Sometimes Military and Community Discount

This Membership is for those who serve our country, protect our cities, save us from fires, keep our health up and teach the next generation. If you are Military active or prior (honorable discharge) police, fire fighters, EMS, medical, dental or veterinarian and last but not least Teachers then this membership is for you! Thank you for serving our Country and Community!

$60 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

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CrossFit K2K Liability Waiver (7024)
I understand and agree to not hold CrossFit K2K, it's employees or persons representing CrossFit K2K liable for any injuries or death that may occur to my children or children I'm responsible for. I also understand and accept that CrossFit K2K is not responsible for supervising my children or children I am responsible for. I understand that I will be held responsible for any damages done by my children or children I'm responsible for.  I understand and agree that my children or children I'm responsible for must stay in the play room unless a CrossFit K2K coach or employee dictates otherwise. Children unable to remain in the room, disruptive children or children that are harming others or being destructive will be banned from CrossFit K2K. 

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