CrossFit 3 Times a week

$80 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

This plan is for those who want crossfit in their life... just not everyday.

Gym Use Only

$40 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

This package allows for you to only use the equipment in the gym, but not attend classes. 

Military, Police, Fire Fighters, EMS, Nurses and Teachers

$100 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

Your service and dedication to the citizens of our country means a lot to us, so we want give some back to you with a $20 off discount. Please show upon first time entry your affiliation with the military, police, fire department, EMS, Nurses or teaching. This service allows yu full access to the gym and classes 6 days a week.

Full CrossFit Membership

$120 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

This membership allows for you to have full access to the gym and classes 6 days a week!

Free Trial

$0.00 / 3 Pack

Free Trial

New to Crossfit

$50.00 / 3 Pack

If you've never completed on ramp training, this class is a prerequisite to joining classes in order to help you as the athlete learn the proper techniques needed to safely complete lifts. These classes will also help to dramatically reduce confusion and worry during a class. 

Subjects covered will be over the 9 foundational movements:

Day 1 Air Squat  ———–> Front Squat ———–> Overhead Squat

Day 2 Shoulder Press —–> Push Press ————> Push Jerk

Day 3 Deadlift Sumo ——>Deadlift High Pull —-> Medicine Ball Clean