Wednesday, 6/24/2020

Wednesday, 6/24/2020

Build Muscle, Lose Weight. Wait What? 

Hey kids, it's your favorite person! The Pizza Man! Just Kidding! It's me, Jordyn. Man I wish I had a pizza right now.. mmmmm cheese. Can you tell it's lunch time? Anyways, let's get to today's topic! "Build muscle, Lose weight." You see me questioning this saying because the fact of the matter kids is that it doesn't make sense. In reality, muscle weighs more than fat. So for those gym nuts that try to get you on their programs saying you'll drop all of your weight and not gain a pound is some B@llSh!t. Pardon my french but honestly, in the world of truth health and fitness there will be some give and take to what you are gaining and losing.

Let's say Sandra starts doing CrossFit 3 days a week and is eating healthier. Over the course of a month she may lose 10 lbs but, she may gain 4 lbs back in muscle because she hasn't worked out in a long time. Crazy right? For everyone that is super mad that they aren't seeing the results that they want to see but, are doing the right things. That means sticking to only having a cheat meal once a week or drinking once or twice a week. Then let me be the first to tell you to STOP USING THE SCALE. Yep, go back and read that again. I said it, stop using that scale. Why? because in reality the scale isn't going to breakdown how much you lost is fat and how much you gained is actually muscle. What you should be doing is taking pictures of yourself every week or two to see your changes and taking measurements.

I'm going to be honest with you, your measurements are going to vary as well. For Cereals girl, that muscle has to go somewhere. So it may hit your quads first, it may hit your arms, calves, etc. It just depends on what you work out most.    Overall, if you combine your nutrition and fitness together, which is the highly suggested method, you won't just drop the weight and look like a Greek God or Goddess. (Believe me, I've tried) Your weight will fluctuate, you will get off track, and get back on. Believe you me though it's all ok. But remember, our goal here is to build muscle, lose fat.  
 “Being a role model is equal parts being who you actually are and what people hope you will be.” Meryl Streep
World's greatest stretch, inch worms, hip gliders, monkey squats, side lunges, PVC pipe

3 x 15 Overhead Squat


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It Comes In Waves

Tabata 20min

Dead Lifts
Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers
Pike Push-ups
Double Unders scale single unders
Front Squats

Bar Weight RX+135/ 95, RX 95/65 Scale 65/ Bar
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Kids PE 7

Kids Tabata
PVC Dead Lift
Star Jumps
Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
Steam Engines

Game box climbs, ladder agility- who has the fastest feet?!
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Nancy Monsivais

Nancy Monsivais 3 months ago / Reply

Overhead Squat: 35 lbs

Kirk Johnson

Kirk Johnson 3 months ago / Reply

Overhead Squat: 35 lbs

Michael Janes 3 months ago / Reply

Overhead Squat: 75 lbs

Tom Goldsmith

Tom Goldsmith 3 months ago / Reply

Overhead Squat: 15 lbs

Nieves Rodriguez

Nieves Rodriguez 3 months ago / Reply

Overhead Squat: 20 lbs

Jordyn Rodriguez

Jordyn Rodriguez 3 months ago / Reply

Overhead Squat: 15 lbs

Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly 3 months ago / Reply

Overhead Squat: 15 lbs

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