Sunday, 2/16/2020

Sunday, 2/16/2020

How Do I Build the Next Level Me?

This is a question we ask ourselves often right? I mean those exact words may not be used, but the focus remains the same- What are we doing in our lives that's making us better? Now when we think about ourselves it can become a bit overwhelming with so many avenues and level of life you set for yourself...Annddd then trying to maintain them is like mowing 20 acres with a push mower (Don't Recommend) The point I'm trying to drive home is we spend a lot of time building ourselves up in a lot of areas , but then its easy to equally find ourselves collapsing in areas we either dropped in our priorities or switched out for some other shiny thing. Physical fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Sleep... These are just a few areas we may neglect for work, relationships, new episodes of Mandalorian, Video Games...The list goes on and on. The focus of the blog today is how do we build from this? How do I build the next level me?

The  answer to this question much like many things we struggle with in life is usually the easiest to find- it is the action we have to take to make them a reality that most to include myself struggle with. But, with that being said, I will provide a few point to consider that will help guide you to building a next level you.
  1. Stop telling yourself why you can't. Jim Rohn once said "don't be a pessimist. A pessimist does not see the sunset when looking out the window, they see specks on the glass." When you tell yourself you can't do something long enough you eventually believe the lie you created for yourself. 
  2. Stop confusing Can't and Won't.  I can't teleport is a factual statement. It's not that I won't, I just can't. However when we create  a excuse for something we are capable of doing it turns from a can't to a won't...  Common misuse of can't- Random person "I can't make it to the gym, I work too much."  Me- "Do you work at 5am?" Person " No I'm sleeping." Me " Come then." Person "I won't do that I need my sleep." ....This is one  but of a thousand I see. Figure out what you will and won't do and be up front. 
  3. Stop trying. How comfortable would you feel if you sat down in your, oh so spacious, seat on an airplane and the captain came on the loud speaker and said " Alright guys, I'm going to try to fly this plane. Everyone buckle up and hold on."?  If you are good with that scenario then keep trying, but if you are like me  and that's not acceptable then you need to get rid of the word trying and instill a mindset of doing. That doesn't mean you won't fail, it just means internally you've made a commitment with yourself to see it through.... I don't try to drive a car. I drive that bad boy till I get to my destination. Doesn't mean I won't get into a accident. It just means I willing to accept the risks to get what I want.
  4. Stop putting yourself down.  Self Talk is a very real thing and we as humans do it often. Hell some of us do it in the middle of conversations with others (A little weird, but I can dig it) . Count up for a weak how many times you call yourself stupid, dumb, ask yourself what was I thinking- or any other form of you putting yourself down. Over time, you subconsciously believe those things. Studies show this can lead to depression, self esteem issues, limited thinking and for you perfectionist it makes you degrade words like " great", because that does not mean perfect.  How do you limit this? You can think like a friend, change the thought from negative to neutral or even reinforce why you can do it right.
If you pursue ways to limits the 4 points above you will lead yourself down a path that is focused around what you want. This will increase your success, happiness, drive, focus and ultimately it should get your butt in a mindset to stay committed to ALL areas of your life... And when you have achieved that mindset going to CrossFit will be a breeze! I'll leave you with this quote as I feel like it sums up the blog perfectly. "When the end finds you, let it find you conquering a new mountain, not sliding down the same one."


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