"No Battle was ever won by people who run."

This week's mindset : Do I rely on GPS to Get Me Where I Want to Go?

Following the Blog from Sunday- Are you flying or walking towards a better you?

How much time do you invest in bettering yourself?

Lunges, High Knees, Worlds Greatest Stretch, 2min Jump Rope, Inchworm/ Downward dog

1,600m Row

Focus on Breathing, Cadence,  Arm Movement

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Happy Feet

Tabata 5 Rounds 20mins

Turf Touches (End to end 25ft Sprints touching turf at the edge )
DBall Jump Squats M 30#, F 10#
Push Press M 75# F 55# Scale- M  55# F Bar
Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers
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Jordyn Kinsler

Jordyn Kinsler 1 month, 3 weeks ago / Reply

Happy Feet: 160 Rounds

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