"You may not have seen the pebble go into the pond, but you do see the ripple it has."

This week's mindset : Do I rely on GPS to Get Me Where I Want to Go?

Following the Blog from Sunday-  Do you trust your mental GPS to lead you to your destination?

How do you hold yourself accountable to your goals when you wander of path?
2min Rower, High Knees, Hip Gliders, Monkey Squats,  Inch Worms

6 x 8 Squats

Back Squat/ Front Squat 60-70%

Front Squats Tips:
  1.  you need to keep your chest up. This is important because you have to be able to keep your back in extension, similar to most powerlifting exercises.
  2. make sure that your knees are tracking outside of your feet and pushing outwards.
  3. Keep your butt back, to fully engage your posterior chain.

Back Squat Tips:
  1. Bar stacked above hips and feet
  2. Gaze neutral and down
  3. Tight core
  4. Hips initiate
  5. Hips below parallel
  6. Bar low on back
  7. Knees drive out
  8. Weight evenly on feet
  9. Spine neutral, gaze down
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Bad...To The Core.

AMRAP 20min

20M Halo Lunges M 45# F 25# Plate Scale M 25# F 10#
10 Pull Ups Scale Jumping Pull Ups
20M Farmers Carry M 53# F 35# KB Scale M 35# F 15#
10 Box Burpees M 24" F 20" Scale- Just Burpees
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Theresa Dwyer

Theresa Dwyer 1 month, 3 weeks ago / Reply

Bad...To The Core.: 3 reps
Notes: 35 lb farmers carry 10 lb halo 20 inch box

Nieves Rodriguez

Nieves Rodriguez 1 month, 3 weeks ago / Reply

Bad...To The Core.: 294 reps

Nieves Rodriguez

Nieves Rodriguez 1 month, 3 weeks ago / Reply

Squats: 165 lbs

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