Sunday, 2/9/2020

Sunday, 2/9/2020

Do I rely on GPS to get me where I want to go?

This week we focus on what driving us to be a better. In the Spirit of CrossFit, the focus would be diet, assault bike, diet, burpees, diet, ungodly amount of pull-ups annnddd back to your diet. I would argue however in order for you to have a meal plan of some sorts your life needs to have a focus, a plan- these things called priorities. This week as you cruise towards Valentines day  (Hope you haven't forgot) I want you to break down two things that will help with all aspects of your life to include getting in better shape.
  1. What is driving you? 
  2. Are you driving towards your goals or away?
These two points if you seriously think about where you are in life and what you're currently working towards will outline why you are or are not having success with your goals. I'll leave you with this- either define your own drive or be driven by someone else in pursuit of their dreams. Either way YOU are in control.


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