"Luck is for those who cannot define their success" Gary Bishop

How do I define Luck in my life? 

This week's mindset : How Am I Rooted in My Goals?

Following the Blog from Sunday- Am I a Apple Tree trying to produce Pecans?

Is who I envision I am and what I do the same?
Row 2min, hi-lo fence, toy soliders, Mario jumps, duck walk

Ladder Drills

Footwork, change of direction and acceleration will be the focus.

2/5/2020 - WOD

Tabata 20 Mins
  • Assualt Bike
  • Toes to Bar scale- Knees to elbows
  • Dead Lifts M 95# F 65# Scale- Kettlebell 
  • Wall Ball M 20# F 16#
  • Medicine Ball Cleans
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Scorpions, rubber bands, massage gun, roller


Jordyn Kinsler

Jordyn Kinsler 2 months ago / Reply

2/5/2020 - WOD: 20 + 90

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