Sunday, 2/2/2020

Sunday, 2/2/2020

How Am I Root In My Goals?

Our goals in fitness, relationships, careers, health and family often are buried in where we place our time, dedication, resiliency,  patience, determination and overall effort. Each one of these areas plays a critical role in growing and sustaining the success your looking for. As you look at the root of your goals I ask you to think critically of what you want exactly. Now, this may seem easy enough, but "because" or "it'd be cool" or "I just like it" or even "Idunno" are what I call "Paper Whys". When you look at the goals and dreams you have in place if the "Why" is weak then it becomes next to impossible to sustain or procure.  

This next week I want you to dial in on 1-3 Short Term and Long Term Goals. They can be in anything. The focus behind this is not the genre the source comes from as much as the process in which it is sought out and obtained. I want you to think about and write out for your own accountability the following:
  1. Define your "Why" for each goal.
  2. Outline the time it will take to achieve the goal or what you assess it will take.
  3. Evaluate if any of your goals or dreams compete with each other.
  4.  If there's conflict between goals, then the next step is to prioritize by realistic measures such as increasing your stamina or income etc. 
  5. The last step and most critical is to create a visualization of this dream or goal- Meaning you need to bring it to life- Not leave it as a thought.  One way of doing this is by Filling in the blank- With _______ (Insert Goal/ Dream) I will be able to ___________________________________ (Describe how it will make you better) and this will help me __________(Needs to be a how)...
If you follow the steps above and think about how you're spending your time, dedication, resiliency, patience, determination and effort, you will have a created at a basic level a direction for you to head toward your dreams, an explanation for why it is more of a wish than a goal or you may even find where you continuously falter on your journey to success. I'm sure you read all of this and went wait, what I thought your CrossFit, where's my fitness or nutrition blog-  My mindset with these blogs much like in my classes is for you to focus on enhancing your mental conditioning. When you implement plans to build a better you, starting with your mindset- Everything else to include fitness and health fall in line to your priorities and objectives versus being a field of chaos in your mind that you climb through. I'll leave you with this when thinking about just how rooted you are in your goals... "The next time you have bacon and eggs think about this- The chicken was involved- The pig was committed." Which one are you to your dreams?


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