Who We Are

K2K Standard- Building a better you through next level mental and physical performance.

Our world is ever changing and in a society where were all running out of time, but never excuses, I took a hard look at how I could not only better myself, but those around me. I started by serving my country for 9 years in the United States Marine Corps. It was there I learned the principles of dedication, sacrifice and commitment. This foundation combined with a discovered love for physical fitness led me to CrossFit. Here at K2K CrossFit we don’t believe in making you better- It is an expectation. Our focus is to take you to a “next level you” through mental and physical conditioning. My dream and our goal at K2KCF is to inspire you and provide you with that cup of motivation that you cannot find anywhere else.

How We'll Do It

Warm Up- Every class starts with a dynamic warm up to prep your body for the work out of the day (WOD). During this phase we will typically spend 5-10 minutes performing different physical tasks that are designed around the muscle groups you’ll be pushing to the limit that day. During this period we will also provide you with a motivational quote and focus for the WOD.

Motivation 2 Inspiration- Motivation?!?!? Yes, motivation. What separates K2KCF from other gyms is that our focus is not just on physical power, but mindset. Failure begins and ends with a belief that you cannot do something. At K2KCF we do not have a belief system. We have an expectation you are destined to meet your goals, but in order to get to that next level you, you are going to need a next level mindset.  Our programs is designed to ignite powerful thoughts to build on powerful lifts, which is a goal we expect to hit every time you come in.

Strength Training- Every day there will be a focus on increasing strength and mobility in different muscle groups. All level of athletes are welcome, from a seasoned pro to your average joe- K2KCF will provide you with the coaching needed to reach the goals you are looking for. Strength Training typically last for 15-20minutes and focuses on one type of lift or movement each day.
WOD- K2KCF looks to give you an experience that’s enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Each day we will focus on different combinations of compound movements that stem from gymnastics, Olympic and Power Lifts sprinkled in with a dash of cardio that comes in multiple forms of sweat, tears and dedication. Most WODs do not go past 30minutes with an average of 15-20minutes depending on your current athletic capability.

Cool Down-  Once you have finished building a 1% better you, we will do cool down stretches that will help prevent/ limit tightness, cramps and reduce soreness to a certain degree. These usually last 5-10 mintues. AND YOU’RE DONE!