What is CrossFit?!

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements of high intensity

K2K Standard- Building a better you through next level mental and physical performance.


CrossFit Breaks down fitness by functional movements...
  • Definitive of functional movement is the ability to move large loads (force) long distances quickly (time). Which equals work over time is average power.
  • Functional movements are natural, they occur by interacting with our environment.
CrossFit focuses on Universal Motor Recruitment Patterns...
  • These functional movements do not just occur in a gym. They occur at the mall, grocery store, everywhere. 
  • Different work outs carry over to natural movements to build and improve off of.
Functional movements are essential!
  • Preventing the break down of muscles.
  •  Being able to get up off the floor with out assistance. 
  • Practicing the movements needed to interact with nature is paramount.

Where Do Movements Begin?

Functional movements are core to extremity. 
  • Movement begins in the center and then it flows out to smaller muscles.
  • Functional movements are compound (multi jointed) and is irreducible...the sum of multiple isolated lifts does not equal a whole or a squat or pull up.
Functional movement are safe (relative to their nonfunctional movements.) 
  • They task large muscles and joints first. Deadlifts are safe because it is a natural movement. If you do it incorrectly then it makes it unsafe. Even more dangerous is practicing functional movement with poor techniques.

How does CrossFit take me to the next level?

CrossFit channels intensity...
  • Intensity is defined as an average of power. Intensity is relevant to each person only and changes per the person. Intensity is relative to a person's physiological and psychological capacity.
  • Intensity= Pathway to results.
  • The stimulus or works out we do must vary in order to increase our intensity.
CrossFit is constantly changing to make you stronger!
  • Variance= fail @margins of experience. CF prepares you to handle multiple situation you may not know would occur. 
  • To prepare CF varies the distance traveled, loads, repetitions, and functional movements.
The focus of CF is to be capable across multiple spectrums versus one specialized area. True fitness is a compromise of skills.